mercredi 24 juin 2009


Visiting the fine arts museums of France
Since adolescence, I have had an interest in art in general, and most particularly in painting.
I have always liked visiting museums dedicated to painting, but several years ago, I decided to methodically visit the French fine arts museums.
Of course, I bought the catalogues of these museums, but this seemed to me insufficient since many of the works that I had appreciated were not reproduced in them. I then started to annotate in a very systematic manner the displayed paintings (about 90 % of which were hanging on the walls).
I am always stunned by the richness and the diversity of the French public collections. Even in the smallest or the most modest provincial museums, I have always found worthwhile paintings. For that reason, approaching a new museum always fills me with great excitement.
Also, I faithfully frequent certain local museums, the ones geographically close to where I live in Orleans, and also Tours, Bordeaux (each summer), and naturally, the Louvre (practically every time I go to Paris), as well as other Parisian museums.

This blog is not as many that are created, devoted solely to my personal opinion and tastes. I chose this form of communication because it is more flexible, and mostly because it is simpler to use, and easier to add to (unlike a website which presents more problems). Essentially, I wanted it to be a source of documentation.

Being more interested in painting, my notes cover mostly this medium; however I also make note of some sculptures that I feel are important.
Some but not all, of the cited works are accompanied by comments.

I began with an arbitrary online selection of about ten museums, but now have descriptions of more than one hundred and ninety
(198 museums - and more than 8,000 photos).
This blog will grow bigger and improve as I try to incorporate the comments, opinions, and observations of my readers.

Of course the exhibits in museums often change, and it is for this reason that I have dated my visits.
I want to emphasize again that I have deliberately omitted well-known Parisian museums, and that this blog is dedicated only to provincial museums of fine arts.

I hope that these notes will be of use to those who are in need of information about these museums.

Please, do not hesitate to leave a message or a comment.
-February 2011 - A new gallery with more than 150 self portraits ("Autoportraits dans les musées de France") 

Jean-Louis Gautreau

N.B. I also want to thank my friend Jean-Pierre Bertrand for his patience, his judicious assistance, and his technical help.
Thanks : This textbook has been translated into English by Mrs Maryvonne Mavroukakis (Library of Congress, Washington DC)

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Anna a dit…

Thank you for your wonderful work, Jean-Louis. Are your images available for non- commercial scholarly use on other webpages?

Jean-Louis Gautreau a dit…

I thinck you can use these images for non-commercial use.